On the Internet you can find almost anything… except guardrails to stop outbursts, speed limits to control endless scrolls, and signposts that you can trust. For children and teens, there is an absence of provisional licenses and age-appropriate lanes.  BE MOBILE SMART acknowledges how in just ten or twenty years we have come to live in a place where telecommunications and transportation dominate our daily routines and behaviors. Next is the journey to tame these mobile times and improve them.

Why We Need to Be Mobile Smart:

  • Smartphones literally drive us to distraction and deaths.
  • Storytelling from mobile devices follows young children inside and out.
  • Children have to compete for their parents’ attention from their phones.
  • We spend more time on the internet, less time in nature.
  • When it comes to work and school, multitasking is a myth.
  • It takes grit and focus to accomplish something and do it successfully.
  • We expect instruction to be entertaining, and fun, more like a commercial.
  • We prefer text to talking….remote to visiting.
  • We risk well-being & connectivity when we are not Mobile Smart.

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I started the DearSmartphone column in 2018. It is a traditional advice column with a modern twist. Readers discuss digital issues and the problems they present.

Be Mobile Smart continues in the DearSmartphone tradition. It drills down on the unique ways that our mobile devices channel our behaviors and collective intelligence. Be Mobile Smart is my personal calling as I have been a researcher in both the transportation field and communications. Feel free to read more about me.